Alena Heribanová

I have been collaborating with Ida Sandor since 2017. In the beginning, I was preparing the presentation of our soprano Lucia Popp´s sculpture, whose author is Juraj Čutek, on the premises of the Vienna State Opera. It is not easy to dress for such an occasion. I was preparing and hosting the event with an Austrian host Dr. Hollaender. Together with Ida we had chosen a long white dress in antiquity style, very elegant and simple. It looked beautiful on the stage and was stylish and colour-matched next to the veiled sculpture.

I was also praised and admired when attending other international events in her red, golden, or beige dresses. It was always a congenial antiquity style, whether it was in Vienna at the famous Opera Ball or in Berlin at the most prestigious Bundespresseball (German Press Ball) in the presence of the Federal President and his wife, and I was constantly asked, by the prominent female guests as well as one of the leading actresses in the film Winnetou, well-known in our country too, the German actress Uschi Glass, about the author of my dresses.

The creations of Ida Sandor also shone at the Vienna Fashion Week when hundreds of viewers applauded her fashion show. Her models are simple, minimalistic, trendy, the fabrics are bright, wrinkle-resistant, pastel-coloured, which suits me, and according to my experience the dresses can successfully stand up to the international competition. I like Ida very much and I keep my fingers crossed for her in her next projects.

Yours sincerely,
Alena Heribanová


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