I am Ida Sandor and I work, live and create in Košice, Slovakia. I devote my time to individually tailored custom-made creations for particular clients. My collections are presented on prestigious fashion events in Slovakia as well as abroad.

My work is timeless and authentic. My models are minimalistic, austere and geometric while also showing sophisticated detailed cut. I use materials of the highest quality such as silk, cashmere, leather and fur.

As the only fashion designer in Slovakia using patchwork technique, I create unique pieces. Original but still wearable, sexy but still decentt, very chic but still classy. I create pieces for women of all ages who appreciate high-quality materials and true haute couture with emphasis on details, for women who are strong, courageous, high-spirited, who are distinctive and above average especially by their accomplishments. Many personalities of social and political life are proud to wear my models. Except of being a designer I am also a stylist.

I cooperate with women of all domains and is engaged in interior and product design. In the forthcoming show the designer I present the whole collection with extra models made for this special occasion. 


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